personal demo's, mixes, club bangers, and ambient chillout room

welcome to years and years of my music exploration and collections! here you will find links to songs, albums, installations, performances, and much more! fuck every single music gatekeeper ;)

some of my favorite musicians

actress; a brooding dark mechanical sludge of electronic infused dance music oozes from every single one of Cunningham's pores. i cannot get enough of his music, its the kind that makes you want to ash your cigerette on your enemy and pee in their beer, while slicking back your hair and taking a shot of everclear. while sometimes incredibly minimalistic to create soundscapes that alude at hints of a random assignment and a heavy musique concreté IDM influence, it is far from anything meditative. instead it begs the question; how many genre's can you fit in a song?

k. leimer; a musician i absoloutely adore, whether its new age fourth world experimentation or jazzy kosmische electro-funk, leimer's influnce on the music world, and his multitude of hidden


arthur russell

james ferraro nuff said... click the image below for a compilation of all of his current works, unavailible on most websites due to copyright... thankfully they are free as downloadable files >:)


all are welcome :)